WhatsApp Tips and Tricks: Stop Hackers from Reading Your Whatsapp’s Private Messages

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks Stop Hackers from Reading Your Whatsapp Private Messages
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Facebook taken WhatsApp messenger in 2014 and at present has over 2 billion active users. To keep safe Whatsapp chat from hackers, their users are protected by end-to-end encryption. Even WhatsApp is also not able to view your messages. However, still hackers manage to get the data they need from users.

Many WhatsApp users have got scam calls and messages in the past, from scammers who request “help” while acting as a known person. The scammers usually asking for a verification code along with reasons like “phone network is unavailable”. After that, the user shares the six-digit code.

If you want to stop all of the above issues which are happening to you, here are few steps to securing your WhatsApp account.

Enable two-step verification

The most powerful setting, users must enable on WhatsApp account in order to preserve themselves from hackers. This setting permits you to set a six-digit PIN on your account and that will be applied to open your account after you get your SMS verification code.

Steps are:
  1. Open WhatsApp Settings, tap on Account, and after this tap on Two-Step verification.
  2. now enable the setting and enter PIN. You will require to reenter the PIN to make sure you entered it perfectly.
  3. WhatsApp will save your PIN at this point. However, it will keep asking you to register your PIN from time to time just to assure that do not forget it and get locked out of your personal account.

Double-check your privacy settings

Note, these settings are not straight relevant to hackers taking command of your account. You must set your privacy settings in Whatsapp to keep secure your personal information from hackers and unscrupulous elements.

  1. Open to WhatsApp Settings & tap on Account and tap on Privacy.
  2. Check now settings for Last Seen, Profile Photo, About, and Status. These are should be set for “My contacts” to ensure no one sees who you do not know.
  3. Make sure that if any unknown senders asking for personal details so report block them and report to WhatsApp using the in-chat menu.

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