Jensen Ackles is a 'cry baby' on 'Supernatural' set

Jensen Ackles is a ‘cry baby’ on ‘Supernatural’ set

Actor Jensen Ackles’ on-screen family business which involves saving people and hunting things is about to end in the popular American show “Supernatural.” The actor is having a difficult time keeping it together, quipped his friend and costar Misha Collins.

Collins plays angel Castiel in the show. She took to Instagram to post a photo of the actor dressed up as his character Dean Winchester and giving a very sad expression. Collins captioned the photo, “Only 60 days of filming left after 15 years and SOMEONE is having a hard time keeping it together.” Besides playing one of the lead roles in the show, Ackles also directed some episodes of the show. The show’s loyal fans are upset about the end as well. “Well I”m a cry baby too,” wrote a fan in the comments section of the post. Another fan wrote, “I”m going to miss Supernatural.”

The team is currently shooting in Vancouver, British Columbia. The show is a story of two brothers Dean and Sam who go on road trips in their Impala in order to save people from supernatural creatures and demons. It will wrap up after 15 seasons this year. The show is filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia and other surrounding areas. The creator Kripke spent many years unsuccessfully pitching it. The pilot had 5.69 million viewers and the ratings for the first four episodes prompted WB to pick it up for a full season.

It was originally planned for three seasons but expanded to 15. It is also the longest running American live-action fantasy TV series. The final season will consist of 20 episodes and it premiered on 10th October 2019. 15 years is indeed a long time for a show to run.

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