The Discover Performance Report from Google will now Include all Data

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Google Discover is the name for Google Feed which will show you news and topics around areas of your interest. You can easily find information about your interests like a news site or a favorite football team, without having to search for it.

The Discover performance report announced by Google is a part of the Google Search Console and it is one tool that will help get access to complete marketing information in no time. It includes all data, including the Chrome data and you can access the stories from Discover in two different ways. You can use the Search app or the home page of Google. Alternatively, you can use Discover whenever you open a new tab in Chrome in iOS or Android.

The Discover performance report from Google will help answer questions like how often your site is shown in users discover and the pieces of content that perform well on it. You will be able to work on your site accordingly. Google has a single place in the Search Console where you will be able to see all the data about your site including Chrome. Earlier, the report had a lot of information but it was missing important data from the Chrome Browser. It has now become easier to get access to all the data in one place.

Google will begin with a rollout of the report for a small percentage of traffic and it will be using a new origin referrer for it. This will ensure that it remains consistent with the one used for Discover on the app. You will be able to see the data in the next few months and it will appear in the site’s Search Console Discover performance report.

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