Stop Others to Adding You to Unwanted WhatsApp Groups

Stop Others to Adding You to Unwanted WhatsApp Groups
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Many times you face issues by adding to yourself in unwanted WhatsApp groups. So here’s a good WhatsApp feature for you! By using this feature you can stop people from adding you to any WhatsApp groups.

Obviously, you hate when a random chat looks on your WhatsApp that says, “you have been added by abc to this group”? Luckily, WhatsApp has a feature that provides you to freeze unwanted contacts from adding you to any group.

This different WhatsApp features a new privacy feature that permits users to determine who can add them to Whatsapp groups. However, By default, the WhatsApp group privacy settings give the option to ‘Everyone’ but you also get two more options. Follow here, how you can change the privacy setting for group chats in different operating systems.

How to stop WhatsApp contacts from adding you to any WhatsApp groups

Go to WhatsApp Settings:
Android: Tap More options >> Settings >> Account >> Privacy >> Groups
iPhone: Tap Settings >> Account >> Privacy >> Groups

    Now, You will get three options:
  1. Everyone: It will enable everyone – even non-contactable people on your phone to add you to groups without your approval.
  2. My Contacts: In this option, you can be added to the WhatsApp group by your contact list persons. If the group admin tries to add you to a group, they will get a pop-up and says can’t add you. And will be prompted to tap Request to Group or press Continue.
  3. My Contacts Except: This gives the power to choose the contacts you want to provide to add you to the groups. You can select and exclude contacts after selecting my contacts excepts.
You can exclude all people also and then no one can add you to any random WhatsApp groups.

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