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‘Soft Block’ Official Feature Testing by Twitter

'Soft Block' Official Feature Testing by Twitter
Written by Mywordink

Want to remove a follower without blocking them? The micro-blogging site Twitter has started testing the first of its recommended suite of new privacy tools which would be having the capability to remove a follower without blocking them.

The Verge report says, the remove follower feature is being examined on the web and looks to canonise the “soft block” thought as an official Twitter tool.

According to the tweet declaring the test, From their profile now users can eliminate followers from the follower list.

Note about the process, click on the three-dot menu next to a follower’s name then click on aceRemove follower after this action their tweets will no longer automatically be visible in their timeline.

This is seriously different than blocking someone. The report said It keeps them from seeing your tweets and direct messaging you.

This is a kind of remote unfollow button on Twitter, a more refined way to build some gap between you and someone else on Twitter.

Followers you expel then have to refollow you to view your tweets on their timeline. If you have protected tweets (only viewable by your followers), again they would require your approval to become a follower.

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