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Real Estate is Focusing on Social Media Over Email in 2021

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The real estate industry has been deeply impacted due to the pandemic and social media has become an important tool to reach out to the buyers and sellers. In 2020, it was only social media that could help the real estate industry reach out to the customers. It has been using the traditional methods of marketing for years but the agents are embracing change.

Agents are using social media as a means to show the value and properties, virtually. 2020 was a year when agents could not physically show properties and in times of social distancing, social media gained relevance. Social media is second to referrals for getting access to new listings. In a study, when agents were asked to pick where they would focus for growing their business this year, more than 80% choose social media, over email marketing.

Real estate agents who embrace social media have the potential to emerge as leaders in the community. Influencers and social media brands with significant following tend to dominate the conversation but there are agents who invest in hyper local content which works with their community. It can help position themselves as leaders in the market.

There are several agents who embrace video marketing trends and have made hyper local videos on their platform. Such videos see significant shares with minimal ad spend. More than 40% agents have got a new client from posting on social media last year which shows that social platforms do actually drive business. 2021 will be the year when agents embrace social media than SEO or email marketing. Those who focus on hyper local content will be able to target prospects and position themselves as experts in the field. It is obvious that social media has the power and if agents embrace it well, there is a strong opportunity of cultivating an online presence.

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