PPC Lessons to Carry Forward in 2021

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2020 was a crash course in adaptable and nimble marketing and those who aced their PPC in the pandemic deserve recognition. 2020 pushed us to the edge which led to a lot more adapting and reinventing in PPC. Efficient PPC professionals are well-positioned to use their knowledge and let brands ride a wave of recovery as we adapt to the new normal. Let us look at a few PPC lessons that we must carry forward this year to achieve success.

1. Stay at home means business

The pandemic forced us to stay at home and this led to more spending on items of home improvement, consumer electronics, and home office goods that made quarantine easy and bearable. It was also noted that many companies embrace and enjoy remote working arrangements. PPC should focus on consumer behavior and this is something that automation cannot do. PPC professionals need to understand that the machine will be able to change the bids but it will not be able to decide if the company should choose a new distribution model to create ads that highlight a new trend. 

2. Everyone loves convenience 

There is nothing as good as a convenience and this is what makes eCommerce a king in the industry. Professionals must remember that search goes beyond Bing and Google. Nobody uses a single channel to search, they may start on Google but they do look at other places too. A single strategy for PPC does not cut anymore. It is important to adopt cross channel marketing to achieve success. 

3. A disruption in the supply chain can wreak havoc

Businesses often struggle with the predictability in the supply chains and even a minor disruption can lead to massive challenges in meeting the demands of the consumers. The pandemic turned unpredictable and changed the new normal. If there is a disruption in the supply chain, it will become impossible to predict the ability to fulfill the demand.

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