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Parler makes Reappearance with Independent Technology

Parler is a social media service that was once very popular but vanished after the U.S. Capitol riot. It made reappearance on Monday with independent, sustainable technology. Parler was cut off by the top service providers who accused the app of failing to police violent content connected to the U.S. Capitol riots by the followers of Donald Trump. Parler will use their latest technology to allow users to share their content on the social media service.

The company has appointed Mark Meckler as the interim Chief Executive who will replace John Matze. Even after the relaunch, the website did not open for several users and the app was not available for download on Google or Apple, which had banned the app previously. Many Twitter users also complained that they were not able to access the service while many could access their existing account.

It had more than 20 million users at one point of time and it asserted that it will being the current users back in the first week and open to new users soon. The app is known for a free speech-driven space and attracts the U.S. conservatives to disagree with the rules related to content on other social media platforms. Amazon had also suspended Parler from the web hosting service and took the site offline. The company stated that their new technology will reduce the reliance on the Big Tech for its operations.

It is using Cloud Route as the new host and has replaced Amazon with an open source software platform. There were user accounts in the platform but the images, posts and videos have been removed. Parler is backed by a hedge fund investor Robert Mercer, his daughter Rabekah Mercer, and a conservative commentator Dan Bongino.

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