How to earn money online

Make Money Online on these Websites

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Do you want to launch a side gig or earn regular part time income? Use these five websites to make money online.

  1.  Upwork

An ideal website for freelancers, Upwork will allow you to find gigs based on your skills and expertise. Freelancers and businesses across the world can connect on Upwork for projects. There are businesses that hire freelancers for different services including writing, SEO campaigns, web design and more.

2.    Fiverr

Fiverr is a very popular website which is helpful for freelancers. You can work for creators and business owners and pick up some cash. It has a pool of freelancers and many work for as low as $5 for a task. You will not get rich quickly by taking the jobs but it can be a good platform to begin with. If you manage to get a lot of gigs, you will get paid a significant amount in the long term.

3.   Etsy

If you are crafty and artistic, you can make custom jewellery or magnets and sell your products on Etsy.

4.  Wonder

If you have the research skills, Wonder is the right place for you. It is the portal where people come when they need to get research done. It does not have to be intensive research, you can also choose to answer a question and you can make $8 for a detailed answer. Researchers can make about $20 an hour.

5.   Gazelle

Sell your old device (say computer, cell phone or an iPad) on the portal and get a cash offer in exchange. The shipping cost will be paid by Gazelle and the cash will be transferred to a PayPal account. It is not possible to make a huge amount here but it is better than keeping the unused device in your drawer.

Use these five sites to make some extra cash right when you need it!

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