Here’s how Paid Search can help win the Local Audience

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Because of the restrictions on movement due to COVID, there has been a drastic change in consumer behavior. Local search has become an important part of making buying decisions. Consumers want a customized search view with results that are relevant to where they are currently. This is why location specific ads are thriving today and they have become a must to remain at the top of search engine results on Google. Here’s how paid search will help win the local customers.

  1. Don’t just rely on Google

Google Ads have a location targeting feature which has become a huge revolution for marketers. It allows them to generate their PPC by targeting ads on specific areas but it has not been very successful. It does not help monitor the competitor strategies or discover opportunities as they arise. Advertisers need to keep this in mind when gathering data for comprehensive search to make their strategy dynamic. With local search market, AI is of crucial importance.

2.  Remain updated with changes in Google

Google makes new updates each month and it is necessary to remain abreast about the same. Even a single missed update will change your marketing strategy and could push you down from the top position.

3.   Create a local search plan

Mobile devices alone generate $1 trillion in local sales and as markets diversify, you need to look for new ways to grow your paid landscape. Use the power of local search in the marketing plan. Build a checklist of items that will strengthen your marketing strategy and look for items like benchmarks, search terms, and ideal partners to make the most of the strategy.

4.    Create ads that win

Customers want ads that are customized to their location. Most Smartphone users look for businesses near them and they click on the first 3 results they see. To get the click, you need to be present, be relevant and be quick.

Remember to keep the industry in mind when working on a local paid search strategy.

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